Top 5 Lust List

1. Indoor Plants

Biophilia is the ‘it’ term catching on in the world. It’s an interior design trend that in my opinion will go from strength to strength, thankfully. The term biophilia put simply means ‘love of life or living systems’. Humans have an innate or instinctive affinity with other living systems such as nature. As an increasing amount of us move into apartments, we tend to flock to the parks or create living systems in our inner sanctuary. I’m a big fan of indoor plants, not just for the sense of calmness they bring, but they also cleanse the air. I didn’t know until recently that air pollution levels indoors are almost always higher than outside levels, even in busy city centres! So keep up the greens, I say. I can’t go past the fiddle leaf fig, terrariums, Spanish air plants and a little newbie in my home – a little gem called the string of peas… Pea pods soooo cute that I could eat them!

2. Green Friendly House Paint

Choosing colours is up there with one of my favourite things to do and above all, custom mixing colours, concocting the perfect colour and finish for projects. I played with my own project this week end - sanding and finishing the outdoor setting ready for summer. Success! And I have the added assurance that the paints chosen have less than 0.7% VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds)

3. Bamboo Bed Linen

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? A good night’s rest is worth the investment of good linen. Bamboo is a renewable plant and when broken down, it’s a natural and hypo allergenic fibre which naturally breathes. Bamboo linen feels like silk and keeps warmth in winter, yet cool in summer.

4. Kester Black Nail Polish

So the segway between nail polish and interior design is this: COLOUR! Not only does the local manufactured Kester Black have the most fabulous hues, they are kindred spirits in my philosophy. They are a vegan non-toxic polish to make you feel warm and fuzzy at just a glance.

5. Scented Soy Candles

Soy candles are made from natural soybeans. With soy based candles, we support our farmers. Soybeans are a renewable source and are non-toxic when they burn. Even when the candles aren’t burning, the smell lingers. When burnt fig and cassis melts, the smell is delightful.

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