Top 3 Questions of Bathrooms {Part II}


Are you renovating or building a new bathroom? Are you stumped? Do you have 'information overload' syndrome!?! I've made a list of key requirements after being asked this popular question:

How do I create a bathroom space that is the WOW of the home?

Blank Canvas

Getting the bones right from the start is crucial. Once the materials and finishes are selected, plan the layout in tiles, borders, niches & recessed cabinets. Take into account the heating, lighting and plumbing as this is very imported at the early stages to save any double handling. Invest in a good tiler. It’s all about the detail. A good tiler will mitre join the tiles in a recess to avoid those icky metal trims.

Break the rules

My style is quite classic, with a mix of quirk. I am a big rule breaker. It’s the unthinkable thrown in, the risk taking that make my clients happy with the overall look. Perhaps break away from the usual, by putting an old tram rack on the wall to hold towels or a coat stand for towel hooks. Think outside the square (or rectangle?).


Bedsides the imperative task lighting, consider ambient lighting for relaxing. A beautiful pendant light or wall light can be a strong focal point – like a sculptural art piece. And don’t forget to add a dimmer to the switch!


Show off those beautiful towels, add colour, texture or tone. Display your favourite soaps & scents on a tray. Trays are my ‘go-to’ for keeping objects organised and looking effortlessly styled. If you have a shower curtain, make it a bold statement.