Top 3 Questions on Bathrooms {Part I}

Going back a few weeks, I was on the Ask an Expert panel (with KBDI) at the Melbourne Home Show. We discussed the questions that keep renovators and builders stumped. (Pardon the pun) It was interesting to see that the same questions kept on popping up. Most people seem to know what style they like, especially in kitchens & bathrooms, yet scratch their heads at three main issues. So, the first question is:

What is the best way to make a bathroom look & feel more spacious?

Space Planning - If there is a hinged door, swap it over to a cavity slider as the extra space makes a BIG difference. Trade the shower curtain in for a glass screen and think about floating the cabinetry off the floor.

Colour - What colours do you prefer? Do you like depth in a hue or bright white? Obviously, the lighter the colour, the more light will reflect, making the room look more open. Darker colours absorb the light making the room cosy. The best colours to create optical space are the light whites (well, technically white isn’t a colour!) and pastels in the cool spectrum. If the bathroom is south facing, I recommend slightly warmer tones. Be careful not to make the bathroom look too white - like someone has tipped a can of white paint over the room! Contrast and interest is the key.

Light - Is there sufficient natural light from the windows? If not, is the potential to install a sky light? Imagine a glass ceiling / sky light set above a walk in rain shower... Consider recessed lighting and also decorative lighting; like one single clear glass pendant that reflects off the vanity mirror ... two birds - lighting AND a focal point solved!

Lines - Vertical lines play a trick on the eye and make the ceiling appear taller. Tiles look great when they run up the wall, or a tall framed mirror...

Mirrors - They are a gem for reflecting natural light and practical as storage cabinets. Try to incorporate a mirror as large as possible for the space.

Simplicity - Last but not least, keep it simple. Throw out or recycle the clutter and be free!!!

On a personal note, I like to introduce furniture into bathrooms to give the space more character. My bathroom has a little ceramic stool sitting in a nook next to the bathtub. It not only looks good, but is practical. Above the stool is a double hook to hang the daily garb... Happy space planning!

Photo credit goes to: Design Hunter via Pinterest x